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Work time: around 40 hrs

Drawing Saitama makes me laugh

the laziness/effectiveness of lines in his character makes me laugh

Eyebrows are just 1 line lol, never really noticed how simplified this character is until now

The manga panels for this part are pretty shit (in terms of using them for animation) so I had to do some original animation and alter the script slightly to make it.... make more sense)

Still going strong peeps... The animation might be done pretty soon :3 

might start looking for VA's pretty soon too...

Work in progress pics ---------------

saitama one punchgarou One punch

anyway time to learn how pg_dumps work and other programming shit

cya peeps 


One Punch Fan Animation, Progress Report 2

2017-03-23 08:29:36 by MOA-OZZY

work time: stopped counting, i'd say round 32-35hrs though

I can finally say 50% Done! 
I tested some color balancing, lighting and saturation techniques  and i think i can get a decent final result. But i won't post those as you'll see it when the animation is done :3

So I just finished the first part of the chapter (I'm only animating up until garou is in the trash, because I'm going to try to enter the Dojo Duels tornament and animate some actual fight scenes for a bit of cash... I mean... why not :P) 

Still going strong. May need voice actors at some point but from past experience... there's some great VA's out there... hopefully they'll help when the time comes... 


Garou and Friends lolHot chicks lol

Thanks for keeping up


There have been many projects i've started and never finished. But I really want to hold myself accountable for this one

So I'll make regular update post with my hours worked, and minor updates

That will help keep me motivated. Plus this info might be useful for somebody out there so... why not lol

20/03/2017 - 24hrs

Getting there slowly, 1 problem I found is the overall color and saturation of a night scene, i've never drawn or animated a night scene before, so it's kinda cool figuring it out as i go. Gotta add lighting and bluring and textures in photoshop to the backgrounds later to make life easier... flash can't really handle all that without lagging like crazy...

Looks like I'll have to export each scene and compile them at the end in premiere pro to get the final result.. Thought i could do it all in flash... but nah it won't come out as good

I've been testing some saturation and color balancing with the last 2 images in photoshop... not sure which style to go for... 





But all in all, still going strong. But i gotta get back to work on the animation will have to wait until tomorrow

Cya peeps

Anyone Speak Japanese here?

2017-03-13 08:41:53 by MOA-OZZY

I thought i should get this out sooner rather than later... Sorry it ended up getting pretty long to read lol

So long story short

I want to animate Garous vs Saitamas First encounter (short and sweet, so not too much effort to get done on my part... might be able to finish it by the end of april... no promises lol)

Here's the chapter on youtube

I don't speak or write japanese and the signs in the backgrounds are made specifically for japanese text.... I could make it english but then it would just look.... weird..

If no one helps, i still got google translate... it's not that big of a deal but it would be nice


some early WIPs

WIP Nightlife Background 11381543_148940777763_japannightlife3.png


as you can see, I need japanese text in the white rectangles and on the stores banners.

So yeah leave a comment or send me a PM if you can help


PS. Newgrounds really needs a html editor that allows CSS for posts. I had to edit this several times just to get the images to show properly



2016-08-25 09:50:41 by MOA-OZZY

So i'm trying to get back into animation and I've always wanted to see a black guy go super saiyan... well i started this animation a few days ago with my OC but I'm not sure how to do the aura. Anyone know any decent aura tutorials or just any anime with awesome aura powerups apart from dragon ball Z or super that i could learn from?


Here's a link to the WIP


Need some feedback

2016-04-09 07:32:53 by MOA-OZZY

I'm trying to learn how to create logos

Which one would you pick if you were starting a clothing company?

Here are the logos that I made1381543_146020123292_Companystartupdraft.jpg

Any feedback would be lovely



Main question: Hey does anyone know any good hand/finger anatomy tutorials on youtube or books I get read because i find it really hard to envision the human hand in a 3D space..... or is drawing hands & fingers something that comes naturally with practice off references?

My OLD Work/ My thoughts

I just looked through my old work and started loling out loud. the script, story and art were premature, I do love the way they are, so innocent xD

2012 Art (before I learned how to draw)                        2014 art (after I learned anatomy)


That's kind of crazy, I love the passion i had for animation back in the day. No drawing experience yet such drive to make an anime xD I still remember when i was scared to post the first episode of "Kriesis" on newgrounds because i thought it blowed. Good times. I learned a lot from it anyway.

one of my favourite scenes from Kriesis ep 2 was this, made me laugh when i watched it. it's so anime but I did it like a noob xD kinda glad i left it unfinished.

Casual Update:

K-OS is still in the works don't worry I haven't forgotten about it. The pictures on the right are actually stills taken from the episode. I've been progressing slowly on the episode because of other obligations (particularly university), and I still have a fight scene to animate :):):):), Oh how I've missed drawing fights. K-OS should be done sometime next year xD I'll give release date probably in the middle of 2015. Something I really want to do is make an anime styled opening for it. But I'll start considering that after I finish the first episode. besides I have no anime opener music for it yet.

.... now that i think about it.... i like the look of the guy wearing purple in the top left corner of that pic.... i might remaster him and add him to the series

So dissapointed in myself

2014-11-14 08:04:14 by MOA-OZZY

I haven't animated in about a month and I have been wasting so much time doing nothing productive. I think it's what happens when you let stupid things influence the way you think. Oh well you live and you learn. I started animating again and I will keep animating until K-OS episode 1 is complete so it's still just about half way done but here's another pic from my anime.


seems like my art has improved once again xD I swear if i stop animating for a whole year, I will be drawing pictures like artegram on deviant art.... ok maybe not that good because my coloring skills suck.... but yh. K-OS will definitely be out sometime next year.

On a side note, I've been following RSD instructors vids for some time now.... anybody here know about RSD Julien? xD that guy makes me laugh, I love his mental state. I wonder what will happen to him

Anime "K-OS" - Update: Still Going Strong

2014-09-07 07:14:20 by MOA-OZZY

Still working on K-OS. I have it just over half way completed... well the animation part anyway (I still need to put in the majority of sounds and get Voice Actors) I am not going to give up on it. I do have a job and I also study in university too so it's hard finding time to animate. Anyway here's another snap shot from my anime.


The character in this pic is Xen (one of the main characters) on the phone to Zayne. The first episode will be split into part 1 and 2 since the file size is already nearing 11MB. But I will try to upload the full episode onto youtube once It's done too. I feel like animating this will take forever so i've decided to reveal bits and bobs of the story through regular updates. Maybe once a week (if possible) with character art design, maybe character profiles too and brief synopsis of their story arc in K-OS. so here's a test synopsis.

The synopsis of Xen's story arc:

Xen invents a device that can hack into anything with electricity running through it using an operating system that he invented called K-OS (Killer Operating System). Xen and his friends test out a device which uses the K-OS system to evalutate it's efficacy. This device was called HVC (Havoc). During this endevour the device accidentally hacks into a government network nearby and they discover an opperation called "black Inertia" set to launch in the year 2030.

and I think i will stop it there for now. I will do a better one later.

Next update will be a character profile of someone. Next week.

Back To Work - K-OS update

2014-06-22 11:57:15 by MOA-OZZY

I have been set back a bit by shit work hours (early mornings then late nights -_-) but now I have 2 new part time jobs with MUCH BETTER HOURS!!! yeahhh!!. Anyway I Digress

The main plot for K-OS has now been fully established. I think if i execute it properly it will be an entertaining series. Main guide for first 3 episodes has been etched into my memory. Now it's just animation and voiceactors/music/sound producers that need to be filled. I will start looking for more VA's to join when the first episode is closer to completion... meh not alot more to say... Just thought I should give a little update

anyway Enjoy your holidays1381543_140345220573_Oziakhazemea2.jpg

This character is Ozi, at first I made him look like me because I wanted some diversity in race in my anime plus i wasn't bothered to make a whole new character XD laziness should be a sin. Now he looks like the way he is which is MUCHH better. A friend told me to make him look like sean from street fighter a while back XD I couldn't do that because of his profession (Pharmacist... well pharmacy student 3rd year) and sean kind of looks too young.

He also said I should change Jutah but I like his look so I will keep him the way he is. besides there are alot of other characters outside my 3 main charac#ters to think about.