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One Punch Fan Animation, Progress Report 2

2017-03-23 08:29:36 by MOA-OZZY

work time: stopped counting, i'd say round 32-35hrs though

I can finally say 50% Done! 
I tested some color balancing, lighting and saturation techniques  and i think i can get a decent final result. But i won't post those as you'll see it when the animation is done :3

So I just finished the first part of the chapter (I'm only animating up until garou is in the trash, because I'm going to try to enter the Dojo Duels tornament and animate some actual fight scenes for a bit of cash... I mean... why not :P) 

Still going strong. May need voice actors at some point but from past experience... there's some great VA's out there... hopefully they'll help when the time comes... 


Garou and Friends lolHot chicks lol

Thanks for keeping up



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