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One Punch Fan Animation, Progress Report 1

2017-03-20 09:56:14 by MOA-OZZY

There have been many projects i've started and never finished. But I really want to hold myself accountable for this one

So I'll make regular update post with my hours worked, and minor updates

That will help keep me motivated. Plus this info might be useful for somebody out there so... why not lol

20/03/2017 - 24hrs

Getting there slowly, 1 problem I found is the overall color and saturation of a night scene, i've never drawn or animated a night scene before, so it's kinda cool figuring it out as i go. Gotta add lighting and bluring and textures in photoshop to the backgrounds later to make life easier... flash can't really handle all that without lagging like crazy...

Looks like I'll have to export each scene and compile them at the end in premiere pro to get the final result.. Thought i could do it all in flash... but nah it won't come out as good

I've been testing some saturation and color balancing with the last 2 images in photoshop... not sure which style to go for... 





But all in all, still going strong. But i gotta get back to work on the animation will have to wait until tomorrow

Cya peeps


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