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..... shhhhh don't be giving out these secrets so freely xD.

Yeah click bait is a GOD SEND!. It's only good if you know the type of content people will want to actually click on and read/watch and share with their friends. I've used it before for a friend to see if what i read in a book about it actually worked. the page got over 75,000 views and still growing. It's ridiculous. It would be amazing for starting a business (it's like free advertising lol).

5*s for sharing knowledge dude. keep it up

ApexxWolf responds:

ahaha I wonder if I shot myself in the foot by making this video because any slightly clickbait-y video I make after this will get called out xD

Damn that's crazy, shows you how effective it is :P

Thanks for the kind words :D

looo 5 stars for imagination

This is a bit too "Anime" for my liking lol, the lines are cheezy, but the japanese Voice actors do make it sound... allright... I guess. I loved the animation quality 10/10 for that, it must have taken a looonnnggg time to achieve that level of animation. I wanted to see at least the start of the fight but you just haaadd to go "Anime" and end it at the good part lol. I liked the suspense.

Overall it's a high quality generic styled Anime.
I liked it

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after i read "I'd like to do some kind of high score leaderboard give away real soon"... i just couldn't resist lol it's ok if you don't do it, but It was fun playing the game.

great game, one of the few games that requires genuine skill to play and master. I'm guessing the full game will have more attack paterns to chose from hopefully

But definitely my favourite game on NG so far. I've missed the challenge from games :) thanks for making this D-SUN, I've been a fan since the mario matrix thing you use to make

With the orbs it's not that difficult to get high scores anymore.... (please don't nerf lol) i may try come for first place soon :P

My best time 191 sec :) beat that, oh and after you win the music plays twice and overlaps eachother, but when you press retry it goes back to normal... just a minor bug

Personally a bit too easy and does get repetitive at times, although Viv made me laugh a couple times lol

Stuff that would be cool:
If I got to a specific point in the game and a little short animation (maybe like 10 seconds) introduced the next part of the game (like going from the city to the street, or from the streets to the houses) it would have been more enjoyable

Oh and if the music changed like half way through and things got intense or something it would have been cool too.

Or if you somehow made it seem like I could progress to different stages rather than just 1 long stage..... I don't know how to explain but it would have been a nice addition to the game

Overall I did get to the end with everyone alive, so it was an entertaining game

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xD script's so good, it got other people wanting to animate it... I wonder who wrote it

lol those tags xD good tune bro, now I'm gonna go search more of your tunes and read the tags. Keep up the good work

Burn7 responds:

Awwww yeeeee Hahahah I'm glad you likey those throwaway tags.

Thanks for the kind words and for checking me out!

4:17 The build up, 4:35 OMG THAT DROP!!!! had my head bopping to the music viciously afterwards lol Awesome, Great tune dude. Keep it up.

PS - I think if it had vocals I wouldn't like it as much but I'd still love to hear it with vocals

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Someones art is improving. Good job

Mrcoleman responds:

Thanks! I want to improve art-wise so I can start my comic series and make visually appealing animations at the same time.

Snake..... Snakee..... SNAAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!. This artwork is great. I like the concept.

Haha XD poor Frances. Nygel looks cool here
This is great ^^. I like the style you went with. Very unique

Love animation, love music, love art

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