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I'm Back [Update]

2013-10-06 14:49:43 by MOA-OZZY

Ok so I've been out of it for a while because I've been catching up on studying and still getting use to the University of Lancashire..... studying Pharmacy :) you don't know how happy I am. This course will take up alot of time but I will still try to make time to animate my new project. So voice actors I will be needing you around Janurary times hopefully

In other news my friend is making his first 3D video game soon and asked me to design some characters for him :), when I get more information on that I'll let everyone know

he wanted me to do a black samurai and a female ninja that looked different (He didn't want too much detail on the characters so i had to simplyfy it quite a bit but here it is. let me know what you think. This helped me understand human anatomy sooooo much better.

PS. sorry about the bad quality image, I don't know how to get it to look better

I will try to be more active on newgrounds..... but no promises


I'm Back [Update]


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2013-10-08 10:36:26

Looks great... but that pointy scarfs a bit distracting, like a good the wrong way. Also, welcome back!

MOA-OZZY responds:

Thanks, yeah the scarf was bugging me but it was different so I kept it. Plus it's the first time I've designed a character for a 3d model (full anatomy) so I'm glad at how it came out :)