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Need to recover files HELP!!!!

2013-01-29 14:58:39 by MOA-OZZY

I got the police virus "Ukash" thingy like a week ago. I got rid of the virus the same day but all my files are corrupted including my Flash file which had at least a months worth of animation work on it. I can't access it because it's "corrupted" and I can't even access my Flash 8 even though I've uninstalled it and re-installed it several times. Any advice and help would be cool :).

And I don't want to pay for recovery software, but if I have to then.... I just don't have money to be spending on such things

PS If you search police virus in google images you'll see the virus. Don't fall for the scam


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2013-01-29 15:20:47

Use system restore


2013-01-29 16:19:19

u should use avast and the best part is that they are free here's the link btw u could also speed around 20-50 bucks so your Avast could be more protective and stronger for your computer ;)


2013-01-29 18:06:07

i have got that virus "FBI" 2 times... it sux. I had a real bad version a while back and recently got one when I clicked on a link that said JEWGROUNDS.
It sounds like your .fla's are corrupted. It sounds like your flash program is. Just a thought.


2013-01-29 19:17:37

I honestly recommend Malware Bytes and Super Anti Spyware. These are not Antivirus programs and they don't run automatically but they miss nothing. I run this once a week when i goto sleep wake up and its done. Both programs cost nothing and they work Fabulously. I've used them both now for several years and have only perfect performance out of them.

What I would recommend is downloading these on a seperate computer and then burn them to a cd and install them. If you want the Super Anti-Spyware has a portable version that can run from a flash drive you can do that as well.


2013-01-30 13:40:59

Use those recovery apps or dump your saved flashes on a filespace website (ex mediafire) and newgrounds has dump space too.


2013-01-30 17:20:36

Thank you to Everyone that helped :). I will try out all these methods. hope I can get my flash file back because if not then I am not doing all that work on Kriesis Episode 2 again.... meaning it will never be completed and I might just skip to episode 3 XD... or start on something else... Wish me Luck :)