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Sigh... Need Advice

2012-10-30 08:38:47 by MOA-OZZY

It's about my Anime.

What should I do.

So here's what happend In short.
I started a project called "Kriesis" which was my first non-sprite animation and drawn with a mouse. Episode 1 was almost complete with voice actors. But there are a lot of bugs and the drawing of it is pretty mediocre. Before I could finish the episode, school started up again which took up most of my time. I now have a week holiday and I don't know if I should finish the episode. Plus I have my school timetable sorted out which means I now have time for animation after the holidays

Reasons To finish the episode:
1) I've spent over 2 months organising and getting voice actors and animating the project and episode 1 is almost complete... even though there are alot of bugs and stuff wrong with it

2) it's my first non-sprite animation so I should see it through to the end

3) A lot of people want to see the end product which I think is disappointing so far because of my nooby bad script writing and nooby style directing.

4) People have spent their time to send voices in and want to see something from it. I could just send them the animation as it is and start on what I really want to do.

5) The episode is not that bad, It will probably get a 3/5 on newgrounds.

Reasons To scrap the project and start doing independent learning on animation... and maybe post up some anime shorts while I learn on newgrounds.

1) I have a drawing tablet now which I practice with and my recent drawings are far better than my old drawings done with the mouse.

2) I have a drawing tablet which makes frame by frame animation easier... yeah I counted the drawing tablet twice.

3) Every time I look back at the unfinished project I see so many things I could have done better if I had the drawing tablet at the time, plus the project wasn't planned out, The script is lacking. And there are so many things wrong with it. It looks nooby but the voice actors were FANTASTIC. I couldn't have asked for better VA's ^^.

4) I want to practice animation and maybe move on from flash to photoshop and AVI video animation with great amounts of detail

5) Honestly I just want to learn non-sprite anime style animation and if I stick with the project I'm on right now I'm not going to be able to do that. I need to improve on everything...maybe start start reading more books and study more anime and real life.

6) I have so many great unused instrumentals that I don't want to waste on my current animation, And I want to animate something that will give these instrumentals justice. And for that I need to practice.

There are more reasons for both but those are the basics. So what do you think I should do?

Should I Continue the animation which I've lost enthusiasm for and try to regain that enthusiasm again...

or scrap it, send it too those involved with it and take my first step on my journey to become a true animator... ok let me phrase that a different way lol.
or scrap it and start learning more about animation while putting up anime shorts on newgrounds.

Oh and Thank you Generations1st for believing in me... kind of lol and drawing this awesome poster. Much appriciated.

I'll be surprised if I actually get a response from this

Sigh... Need Advice


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2012-10-30 08:59:18

listen bro, finish ur animation although there is a lot of bugs try coping all ur frames and putting it in a new flash document that should do the trick or just press debug theres lots of options here


2012-10-30 09:00:51

I'd suggest to keep the voices, try to fix and finish the animations, and at the end of the week release it. Even if it isn't perfect. Watch a good movie, read a good book, or something like that. And then get back to work. Hopefully enthusiasm will return.


2012-10-30 11:34:22

Don't scrap what you've done.
Hard work whether or not exceptional is still worth keeping.

Try drawing in a scrap book in your spare time or bored moments, if you already do, keep at it.
Also go do something active like hiking, swimming, running, biking; hell even go to a gun range and fire off a couple of rounds.
Just something physical to break the mental obstructions, but do it safely of course.

good luck.


2012-10-30 11:37:30

I think you would always want to perfect and better something if you look at it down the road with a more objective eye. If everyone put so much hard work into it I say just go ahead and release it. It may not be the awesome end of flash you wanted, but it'll be the result of your hard labor and that's already cool by itself. Then when it comes to next time blow the original animation out of the water with your new and improved skills.

However, feel free to touch up stuff here and there!


2012-10-30 12:36:38

Give up. You have to wait on life to give you the perfect situation before you will be able to accomplish anything. So just sit back and wait on the perfect situation before you finish anything that you start. Yeah. That's the way to go.


2012-10-30 12:41:55

finish it. if you quit every project that isn't perfect you'll never finish anything.

you've put a lot of work into it and I bet it shows. Plus people helped you out with voice acting and what not so I think they would really like to see their work used as well.

don't scrap everything and start over, but do try to finish stuff and get some sort of final product out of it.

look forward to seeing how it turns out!


2012-10-30 13:14:54

If you lost inspiration, I think it might be best to leave it alone. (for now). Never delete it though, cause who knows what you feel like working on, in the future. If you feel like you should do some more research, in order to make better quality animations and if you're willing to dive into those books and what not, then I highly suggest you do that, before you lose interest in that as well. If you're willing to learn, in order to get better, you should take that opportunity and start learning. Just think about what you could accomplish, once you reach the 'skill lever', or whatever, that you've always wanted.
I doubt you'll ever be completely satisfied with any of your projects though. Most people have that. Always trying to make things better, to make it perfect. But that's normal, I guess?
Whatever you do, good luck with it.


2012-10-30 13:27:36

Yeah I guess all of you are right. No point scrapping it, I might aswell let it be seen right?. After the first episode I can do all that study stuff, But I'm gonna finish it up quickly and upload it. Then do what needs to be done to get better at animating. Thanks for the advice

PS. I was gonna finish it either way lol. I Just wanted to see if Newgrounds worked hehe


2012-10-30 14:23:15

As someone who has scrapped a lot of projects my advice is don't scrap it. The more you scrap, the easier it becomes to scrap and you will find it harder and harder to finish animations.


2012-10-30 15:01:59

well its up to you if you really think its bad salvage the voice data and scrap the current draw and refurbish it to how you like it or you can finish it now and summit it then after a lil while summit a improved version of it its up to you and dont worry we newgrounders will support you -Sincerly, Fenrir wolf "the gentlemen werewolf"


2012-10-30 15:46:15

Nahhh, Almost finished it now. Gonna finish it off then start on improving my overall animation style after. It should take about 2 days to finish. no biggie, It's just a few days now


2012-10-30 17:11:14

Release it and if it's not that amazing that's fine. You have a lifetime to better yourself.


2012-10-30 20:46:57

I would suggest seeing the animation through, because all in all, it's still a learning experience. Plus while you may wish too start fresh, people can give you pointers on, how too direct better, maybe point out errors you missed or other general advice. If you get afraid and scrap it, your missing out on potential advice and experience. Even if you know you may fall on your face, take the bld step forward, as you will learn alot more, then if you hesitate and step back.


2012-10-30 21:04:27

I'd say finish it. Everything you finish, you'll eventually think is bad, because you'll always become better. That's no reason not to finish anything though. You'll learn much more by completing, than by starting anew all of the time. By completing projects, you'll learn all of the different phases, and you get feedback. You don't want to let down the voice actors either. Don't worry if it's not perfect. Like I said; It's the learning process that counts. Good luck. Btw the animation above looks very good.


2012-10-30 21:10:38

Do what you feel like doing....


2012-10-31 02:48:54

i say if its as done as you say it is why not finish it after all if you leave it now its gonna haunt ya


2012-10-31 06:57:22

I reckon you should follow through on project, definitely.

When though, that's up to you. Maybe you should just relax during your holiday you know? Chill out, eat junk food, meet with mates. Anything but work on the piece. Cause if you take some time away from it, you might build up the hunger to complete it.

Sometimes I feel you can be too involved in things, and it turns into a chore rather than a pleasurable experience. So a break might do you good.

In regards to wanting to give back something for the voice actors... You will, just don't feel rushed to do it. PM them if you have to, telling them what's up. But don't rush the project just because you're worried that they think you're takin' too long.

Congrats on getting a tabla-toobla, those things are pretty neat. Sure, maybe you skill in illustrating digitally will improve, but for now, just go with what you've done in the flash if you're 100% happy with it. Perhaps going over all the bits you think are untidy will kill your creativity! I know that would send ME mad! Hah.

Well, that's just like, my opinion man.

Haha, lookin' forward to seeing your werk Dude, good luck in whatever you choose to do!


2012-10-31 11:47:01

maybe you could finish parts of it with the tablet. If the protagonist's life improves perhaps the graphics can improve too as a reflection of that or something.


2012-10-31 11:50:26

I say finish it. You never what can come of it. Good luck to you.


2012-10-31 13:00:56

Continue the project... With your tablet?


2012-11-03 21:28:56

You are gonna need a tablet to loose up the time spent drawing the animations. Never give up on something, then you will never be able to continue with another.



2012-11-10 01:09:09

First and foremost I want you to know you'll always find things you could have improved. That's the artist in you and I can promise you'll always notice SOMETHING that could be better. However, part of that is because you looked at it for so long, and part of that is because you know in your head how you intended it to look. That's two things that won't affect casual viewers, so everyone else probably won't think it's as bad as you do.

Secondly, even popular cartoons and stuff sometimes start out with shaky, inconsistent art while they're trying to settle into their style. You don't need your first episode to be the greatest thing to ever hit the internet, just get something out there. You can practice while you're making episode two, three, thirteen, etc and all the while you'll be drawing in more and more fans, which means more support, a boost to your ego, and most likely more inspiration and motivation and confidence with making more episodes. No one will care if it takes you six episodes to "perfect" your style. Even stick flashes have fans, so you're ahead of the game.

Just put it out there and see what happens!


2012-12-07 17:14:39

Really late add-on, but just a small suggestion.

You could finish the episode and then start using your tablet for other things/ future animations.
A lot of animations I've seen have going through a lot of dramatic art changes mid-series, so I don't see why you can't do it.